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For me every day is PTSD Awareness Day.  My name is Keri McBride and I am the wife and caregiver of a Wounded/injured Warrior. After seeing him struggle with PTSD & Traumatic Brain Injury, I felt I needed to help not only the Warrior but the Caregiver (Battle Buddy) as a team. My husband and I have been actively involved in Healing Tools for Warriors over the past 5 years.  The organization started its roots in the Florida Panhandle where Joey and I moved from in 2017 and began our life here in southern Indiana.  We have maintained our ties to the founding organization and have volunteered at their annual retreats each year. Seeing the need for more supports and gatherings for our Veterans in our new area we now call home, we prayed about how we might be able to serve those who need hope and healing in our area.  In the fall of 2018 I reached out to Penny Pinkham, founder of Healing Tools for Warriors and with the blessing of their board of directors it was a unanimous vote that Joey and I would start a branch in the Midwest.  This is where Healing Tools for Warriors Midwest was born. 

My heart is to reach out to the community, businesses and organizations to help with the HEALING process. Healing Tools for Warriors Midwest is operating under our founding organization Healing Tools for Warriors 501(c)(3).  We bring resources to veterans and first responders, with PTSD and TBI.  We also recognize the need for supports for their families.

Our mission is to provide the warriors with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and their Battle Buddies a safe place to gather with other PTSD/TBI warriors, connect the warriors with local businesses and community organizations that are dedicated to support and aid in the healing process of the warrior with an emphasis on enhancing their ability to perform daily activities, and to improve their quality of life; as well as to educate the warrior on local programs, jobs and volunteer opportunities that enable the warrior to regain their sense of purpose and move past their medical restrictions.

Why the caregiver you ask? Because the caregiver is on the front lines on the home front. Teaching our caregivers, the tools we teach our veterans and first responders will in turn help our warriors work through a “bad day” in a much more understanding and peaceful way. Our caregivers are so important to the healing process and need to have both support and tools needed in day to day life living with a warrior that has PTSD and or TBI.  

Healing Tools for Warriors’ Midwest vision is to provide retreats and events free of charge to the warrior that directly support the HTFW mission and to grow and foster relationships with warriors and the community.

Our ultimate goal is to connect every warrior with the tools and resources to reintegrate into society and their LIFE!!!

We invite local businesses that wish to support our local warriors to become a sponsor of our organization.  If you want to donate, please let us know. 

Disbursed between events we will attempt to have gatherings that help foster the friendships developed throughout the year. If we can conquer the feelings of isolation and depression, we can help speed the recovery.  When asked, “What does it mean to a warrior to know the community supports them?”  After a pensive pause the warrior replied, “Everything.” 

As a Wife-Battle Buddy I see the scars & invisible wounds and through support, resources, patience & LOVE we can help make a difference!  Thank you so much for caring and getting involved!                                                          

 Please contact us at

or call (850)496-8471

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